Le bouillon.

In Paris, in the 19th century, a revolution.
At thas time, the butcher’s shop inaugurated an establishment serving its “low cuts, cooked in various ways, as well as their their broth, named « Bouillon » in French.

A quality menu and and a gentle addition ensure the success of the house. A second one follows, a monumental one. Then others.

Le Bouillon was born.

Bouillon les echos
Bouillon vogue
Bouillon plan de table

Nowadays, in Paris, this traditional restaurant-brasserie style inspires two tables and a stall for take-away and delivery.

In the 18th arrondissement, it’s time for the forerunner : Bouillon Pigalle and its two floors, 200 covers in the dining room and 100 covers on the balcony, its red banquettes, Thonet chairs and its typical ageless dishes…

Bouillon plan de table

In the 3rd arrondissement now, another setting, other comforts. The former Chez Jenny is now home to Bouillon République and Bouillon Service.

On the one hand, a mythical brasserie dating back to 1932, with 450 covers, private rooms, carved woodwork, marquetry panels and polished period tiles.

On the other, a stylish boutique where large windows offer you a choice between snacks and classics.

Bouillon les echos

In our restaurants, the good, the traditional and the inexpensive think big, both on the plate and in the glass.

From eggs mayonnaise to profiteroles, chicken broth and vermicelli, whelks, onion soup, knife sausage, steak frites, floating island, rice pudding…

From noon to midnight, for all budgets, these traditional dishes, France has made its own, pass before your eyes.

Waters, soft, wine, « bubbly »… follow.
From Jeroboam to the glass, they pour out !

Bouillon vogue
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